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The following are sample HR forms that employers and human resource practitioners can use in their companies and organizations.

Employment Contracts & Service Agreement

  1. Regular Employment Contract
  2. Probationary Employment Contract
  3. Casual Employment Contract
  4. Project-based Employment Contract
  5. Seasonal Employment Contract
  6. Fixed-Term Employment Contract
  7. Contractual Employment Contract (DOLE 18-A; Manning Agency)
  8. Part-Time Employment Contract
  9. Service Agreement / Consultancy Agreement
  10. Certificate of Non-Employment

Company Policies

  1. Company Policies (Outline)
  2. Drug-Free Workplace Policy & Program
  3. Sexual Harassment Workplace Policy & Program
  4. HIV-AIDS Workplace Policy & Program
  5. Hepatitis B Workplace Policy & Program
  6. Tuberculosis Workplace Policy & Program
  7. Alcohol-Free Workplace Policy & Program
  8. Smoke-Free Workplace Policy & Program


  1. Daily Time Record
  2. Accountability Form
  3. DOLE Establishment Employment Report (RKS Form 5 – 2009)
  4. DOLE Establishment Termination Report (RKS Form 5 – 2010)

Disciplinary Action

  1. Due Process Checklist
  2. Notice to Explain
  3. Notice to Explain with Preventive Suspension
  4. Notice to Explain with Administrative Hearing
  5. Notice to Explain with Administrative Hearing and Preventive Suspension
  6. Written Reply Form
  7. Attendance of Administrative Hearing
  8. Minutes of Administrative Hearing
  9. Transcript of Administrative Hearing
  10. Return to Work Order
  11. Notice of Results
  12. Notice of Results with Disciplinary Action

Exit, Clearance, Miscellaneous

  1. Resignation Letter Form
  2. Notarized Resignation Letter Form
  3. Clearance Certificate
  4. Quitclaim
  5. Waiver
  6. Certificate of Employment
Put agreements in writing – in black and white.

The following are sample basic contracts can be used to cover for several transactions. They provide for a general framework of the agreement. The should be modified to the extent that would reflect the terms and conditions mutually agreed upon by both parties. When in doubt, it is recommended to seek professional help. (Notice: The samples herein are being updated regularly to complete the list.)

Sales, Purchase, Barter

  1. Contract to Sell
  2. Sales Contract
  3. Sales Contract with Ex-Deal
  4. Purchase Order
  5. Deed of Absolute Sale of a Motor Vehicle
  6. Deed of Absolute Sale of Real Property
  7. Deed of Absolute Sale of Real Property with Improvements
  8. Deed of Absolute Sale with Right to Repurchase
  9. Barter Agreement
  10. Sales Commission Agreement

Lease, Rent

  1. Lease Contract of Residential Unit
  2. Lease Contract of Commercial Unit
  3. Lease Contract of Property

Loan, Promissory Note, Mortgage

  1. Loan Contract
  2. Loan Contract with Pledge
  3. Loan Contract with Chattel Mortgage
  4. Loan Contract with Real Estate Mortgage
  5. Loan Contract with Antichresis
  6. Promissory Note

Donation, Trust

  1. Deed of Donation
  2. Declaration of Trust

Employment, Service, Consultancy

  1. Regular Employment Contract
  2. Probationary Employment Contract
  3. Casual Employment Contract
  4. Project-based Employment Contract
  5. Seasonal Employment Contract
  6. Fixed-Term Employment Contract
  7. Contractual Employment Contract (DOLE 18-A; Manning Agency)
  8. Part-Time Employment Contract
  9. Service Agreement / Consultancy Agreement
  10. Pakyaw Work Agreement
  11. Piece-Rate Work Agreement
  12. Memorandum of Agreement for Apprentice/Learner
  13. Memorandum of Agreement for Senior K-12 On the Job Training

Intellectual Property, Confidentiality

  1. Copyright Agreement
  2. Trademark Agreement
  3. Patent Agreement
  4. Trademark Licensing Agreement
  5. Copyright Licensing Agreement
  6. Non-Disclosure Agreement


  1. Waiver
  2. Quitclaim
  3. Arbitration Agreement
  4. Compromise Agreement
Ignorance of the law excuses no one from compliance therewith. – Article 2, Civil Code of the Philippines

The following are some of the commercial laws that regulate business activities in the country. These apply to all corporations, organizations, and entities whether they be domestic or foreign. Kindly note that laws are subject to changes, revisions, and amendments. It is recommended to consult a professional to check whether a law has already been superseded or modified.

General Laws

  1. Act No. 386 (1949) – Civil Code of the Philippines
  2. Act No. 3815 (1930) – Revised Penal Code of the Philippines
  3. R.A. 7394 (1992) – Consumer Act of the Philippines
  4. R.A. 8424 (1997) – Tax Reform Act of 1997
  5. R.A. 10607 (2013) – Amending P.D. 612 or the Insurance Code of the Philippines
  6. R.A. 1937 (1957) – Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines 

Labor Laws

  1. P.D. 112 – Labor Code
  2. R.A. No. 10645 (2014) – Mandatory PhilHealth for All Senior Citizens
  3. R.A. No. 10644 (2014) – Go Negosyo Act
  4. R.A. No. 10396 (2013) – Conciliation-Mediation as a Voluntary Mode of Dispute Settlement for All Labor Cases
  5. R.A. No. 10395 (2013) – Strengthening Tripartism
  6. R.A. No. 10361 (2013) – Domestic Workers Act / Batas Kasambahay
  7. R.A. No. 10151 (2011) – Employment of Night Workers
  8. R.A. No. 10022 (2010) – Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos
  9. R.A. No. 9849 (2009) – National Holidays
  10. R.A. No. 9593 (2009) – Tourism Act
  11. R.A. No. 9547 (2009) – Special Program for Employment of Students
  12. R.A. No. 9481 (2007) – Self-Organization
  13. R.A. No. 9422 (2007) – Magna Carta for Disabled Persons
  14. R.A. No. 9347 (2006) – National Labor Relations Commission
  15. R.A. No. 9262 (2004) – Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children
  16. R.A. No. 9231 (2003) – Special Protection of Children Against Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination
  17. R.A. No. 9178 (2002) – Barangay Micro Business Enterprises
  18. R.A. No. 8972 (2002) – Solo Parents’ Welfare Act
  19. R.A. No. 8558 (1998) – Retirement Age for Underground Mine Workers
  20. R.A. No. 8282 (1997) – Social Security Law
  21. R.A. No. 8187 (1996) – Paternity Leave Act
  22. R.A. No. 7877 (1995) – Anti-Sexual Harassment Act
  23. R.A. No. 7875 (1994) – National Health Insurance Act
  24. R.A. No. 7796 (1994) – TESDA Act of 1994
  25. R.A. No. 7742 (1994) – Home Development Mutual Fund
  26. R.A. No. 7699 (1994) – Limited Portability Scheme
  27. R.A. No. 7686 (1994) – Dual Training Systems Act
  28. R.A. No. 7322 (1992) – Increased Maternity Benefits for Private Workers
  29. R.A. No. 6971 (1990) – Productivity Incentives Act

Consumer Laws

  1. R.A. No. 10642 – Philippine Lemon Law
  2. R.A. No. 10623 – Amendment to the Price Act
  3. R.A. No. 7581 – Price Act

Investment Laws

  1. R.A. 9490 – Aurora Special Economic Zone Act of 2007
  2. R.A. 8179 – Amendment to the Foreign Investments Act of 1991
  3. R.A. 7922 – Cagayan Special Economic Zone Act of 1995
  4. R.A. 7903 – Zamboanga City Special Economic Zone Act of 1995
  5. R.A. No. 7277 – Bases Conversion and Development Act of 1992
  6. R.A. No. 7042 – Foreign Investments Act of 1991
  7. R.A. No. 6957 – An Act Authorizing the Financing, Construction, Operation and Maintenance of Infrastructure Projects by the Private Sector, and for other Purposes (BOT Law)
Government regulation is the biggest challenge to business.

Laws authorize certain government agencies to promulgate rules and regulations to regulate a particular industry or activity. These come in various forms, such as orders, circulars, advisories, as well as via implementing rules and regulations. The following are some of the notable regulations.

Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)

  1. DOLE D.O. No. 131-B-16: Revised Labor Law Compliance System
  2. DOLE L.A. No. 10-16: Prohibition Against Labor-Only Contracting
  3. DOLE L.A. No. 18-16: Protection for Senior High School Students on K to 12 Work Immersion Program
  4. DOLE D.O. No. 157-16: IRR of R.A. 8759 (PESO Act of 1999, as amended)
  5. DOLE D.O. No. 156-16: Rules and Regulations governing the Working and Living Conditions of Fishers on board Fishing Vessels engaged in Commercial Fishing Operation
  6. DOLE D.O. No. 155-16: Rules and Regulations Governing the Employment and Working Conditions of Collectors in the Debt Collection Industry
  7. DOLE D.O. No. 153-16: Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 10706 (Seafarers Protection Act)
  8. DOLE L.A. No. 04-16: Working Conditions in the Movie and Television Industry
  9. DOLE D.O. No. 147-15: Amending the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Book VI of the Labor Code of the Philippines, as Amended (Just/Authorized Cause Termination)
  10. DOLE D.O. No. 151-16: Implementing Rules and Regulations of RA No. 10396 (An Act Strengthening Conciliation-Mediation as a Voluntary Mode of Dispute Settlement for All Labor Cases)

Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC)

  1. SEC MC No. 16-2016: Revision of the General Information Sheet and Notification Update Form
  2. SEC MC No. 15-2016: Submission of the Sworn Statement and COEP
  3. SEC MC No. 14-2016: General Information Sheet and Notification Update
  4. SEC MC No. 13-2016: SEC MC oGuidelines on the Issuance of Certification of Paid-Up Capital
  5. SEC MC No. 11-2016: Subscription Contracts
  6. SEC MC No. 10-2016: Guidelines on the Issuance of Certification on the Nationality of Non-Stock Corporations
  7. SEC MC No. 9-2016: Guidelines on the Submission of Monthly Complaint Report
  8. SEC MC No. 7-2016: Re: Compliance with Republic Act No. 9510
  9. SEC MC No. 6-2016: Re:Omnibus Guidelines on Principal Office Address; Address of Each Incorporator, Director, Trustee or Partner
  10. SEC MC No. 5-2016: Re: Removing the Periods for Filing Petitions to Set Aside Orders of Revocation or Orders Suspension of Corporations for Failure to Comply with the Reportorial Requirements
  11. SEC MC No. 4-2016: Re: Guidelines to be Observed by Hearing Officers in Handling Petitions Pursuant to the Provisions of Judicial Affidavit Rule(A.A. N0. 12-8-8-SC), 9/4/12):
  12. SEC MC No. 3-2016: Enforcement of Republic Act No. 9510 Over Financing Companies
  13. SEC MC No. 2-2016: Additional Requirement for Accreditation as Auditing Firm/Sole Practitioner
  14. SEC MC No. 1-2016: Filing of Annual Financial Statements and Gen. Information Sheet
Improvement requires continued learning.

We adhere to philosophy of continued improvement. We share our insights and experience from the knowledge and skills we have accumulated through practice.

Business Law

Legal Aspects of Business with Best Legal Practices
The book is a guide for entrepeneurs and managers on the legal aspects of a business, with insights on best legal practices to arm them with knowledge and skills on applying theory to practice. TBA

Basic Contracts for Non-Lawyers
The eBook is an introduction to the basics of a contract for non-lawyers, including discussions on key elements of a contract to be valid and enforceable. TBA

Labor Law

2016 Handbook on Statutory Monetary Benefits
This eBook contains information on the legally mandated benefits (13th mo. pay, overtime pay, holiday pay, etc.), including their computations and conditions to be entitled. Download

Disicplinary Action and Due Process
The eBook discusses the legal approach to disciplinary action, with discussions on how properly observe due process  to avoid labor disputes. TBA

Company Policies & Programs
The eBook provides for the essential in preparing and drafting company policies and programs, with focus on labor law compliance. TBA

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